GED Program—After New Student Orientation students are given an advising appointment. The advisor meets privately with the student to discuss test scores and next steps. The majority of the GED students will take classes in one or more academic areas. There is no charge for these classes. Additionally, there is computerized study, video tutoring and textbooks available for study. We also give the Official GED Ready Test and certify test readiness which is necessary to take the GED test in Kentucky. We have hundreds of graduates every year!

GED Testing—Testing is done by appointment, which is made through the Learning Center once a student is shown to be test-ready.

Brush-up Program—This program is for individuals who have a high school credential or equivalent but need to raise their reading, math, or writing skill level. This is an individualized program based on the student’s needs. These students are usually interested in preparing for an employment test, job advancement, or enrollment in college or technical school programs.