Can I study at home?
Yes, there are GED materials available for checkout at the public libraries. There are also web sites listed on our home page under Adult Education resources that offer some review work. We have GED study books for sale at our Centers also. GED study books are available at most large bookstores. We still encourage students to come into one of our Centers because of the personal instruction the staff has to offer. Sometimes this personal attention is what is needed for success.

What are the costs of your program?
There is no cost to prepare for the GED test. Simply visit us during New Student Orientation and discover which classes best fit your individual needs

What are the costs of the GED test?
FREE GED testing is available for Kentucky Residents. The GED test is now administered in four sections: Math, Social Studies, Science, and Reading/Language Arts. Each section costs $36 and must be completed at an official GED Testing Center

Do I have to pass all four of the GED test sections at once?
No; you may now focus on taking and passing one section at a time. However, you must eventually pass all four sections to earn your GED.

What happens if I don’t pass a section of the GED test?
In Kentucky, you may immediately retake each section of the GED Test up to two times at a reduced cost for each retake. In the event that additional retakes are needed, a 60-day waiting period would apply between each of these retakes.

Do I have to be here a certain amount of time before I can take the GED test?
No; when you are ready to attempt one of the four sections of the GED Test, you will take the GED Ready Test in that section. The GED Ready Test is a half-length GED Test that serves to predict your outcome on the full-length test.

Where can I take the GED test?
Contact us for updates regarding GED testing dates and locations: 859-292-3056

Is there a graduation ceremony?
Cap and Gown graduation is held annually for Cambell County Adult Education students, typically in December. Caps, gowns, tassels and invitations are available to purchase or to rent for the evening.  This is a great opportunity for the graduates, their families and their friends to come in to share in the celebration.

I have a high school diploma but I feel like I need to improve my skills. Can you help me?
Yes, our program started as a GED program but has grown to include brush-up studies in reading, math and writing skills. We have many students who come in to improve their skill levels before they take an employment test or enrollment test or are referred here if they did not pass an employment test or enrollment test. We also offer self-study computer study. We have keyboard software for learning and practicing touch-typing. We also have self-study books on computer basics and word processing.

What do I need to enroll?
If you are 19 or older, you don’t need to bring anything; if you are 18, you need a copy of your withdrawal paper from your last school. This withdrawal form is necessary because you have to turn a copy in when you take the GED test. It takes about five hours to do New Student Orientation. We gather personal information, talk with you about your needs, and we give the TABE test. These are reading, math and language tests that tell us what you are good at and where we need to target your study. This is not a pass or fail type test. It just gives us a picture of where you are and where we need to get you, for you to be successful on the GED test.

Where are you located?
We have multiple locations in Campbell County. Directions to each location are on our home page under “Locations.”

What does GED stand for?
GED stands for the Tests of General Educational Development. The GED test is a national examination developed by the GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education.

Can I go to college with a GED?
Yes, the GED credential is widely recognized by colleges, training schools and employers as equivalent to a high school diploma.

How long will it take me to get my GED?
That depends on your skill level. If you have strong reading and math skills, tenth grade or above, it should not take you long to be ready to take the test. If you have areas in reading or math to go over, then it will take you a bit longer. If you can attend on a regular basis, three or more times per week for 2 to 3 hours each session, you will move through the material in a timely manner.

What is Zoom?
Zoom is the platform that we use for online classes at CCAE.
Zoom is easy to use and is like face time only better for classes. If are using a phone or a tablet you will need to get the zoom app. If you are using a computer, all you will need to do is click on the class link found on our virtual classroom page.
Here’s a video with more Zoom information: https://youtu.be/fgMFWdNWfaU