New Students

Becoming a new student is a three step process:



The First step is Intake.  This is where students fill out enrollment forms and take the initial assessment, called the locator.  Intake is offered twice a week at the main campus at 30 West 8th street.  Intake takes approximately two hours. Call 859-292-3056 to make an appointment.

Click here to download the intake form

The second step is TABE testing. TABE stands for, Test of Adult Basic Education, this placement will let students know if they are ready for the GED and/or college or if they need class work.  Classes are offered both online and in person.  There is no charge for classes.

The third step is orientation.  Orientation is where students get all the information they need to know about starting the program.  Students are given their individual test results and work with an advisor on next steps to reaching their goal.  They will leave orientation with a class schedule and classes start the week following orientation.

Times: Students have a choice of either daytime or evening for intake, testing, and orientation.
Call 859-292-3056 to make an appointment.

What to bring?
If you are 18 or 19 or under you will need a copy of your withdraw papers from your last high school.
Feel free to bring a snack or lunch with you since orientation is a long day

2018 New Student Orientation Dates
August 13,14, 15th    9am and 5:00pm
October 15, 16, 17th 9am and 5:00pm
November 19, 20th 9am and 5:00pm

2019 New Student Orientation Dates
January 3, 4th 9am
February 4, 5, 6th  9am and 5:00pm
April  15,16, 17th  9am and 5:00pm